Ultimate WM 336

Wm 336, Ultimate. Dark color large oblong seedless watermelon. High eating quality with high sugar content up to 13 brix. Proli c plant with good setting. Long shelf life variety.

Orange Naga WM 616

Orange Naga WM616 is an icebox size watermelon. Average 3-4kg per fruit, Very high yielding with attractive orange color flesh. This variety has high sweetness up to 13% brix with very crispy texture. It is overall winner for color and appearance.

Big Boss WM 768

WM768 Big Boss .This is a big size seedless with oblong-shaped fruit, Rind color is lighter than WM968 and WM336 but has an outstanding performance against disease. Average fruit size between 8-10 kg with high sugar content up to 12 brix.

Queensland WM 818

WM818 , Queensland has a very attractive exterior with light green rind and dark green strips.This variety has a high quality and crispy texture with deep yellow esh. It is best used as pollinator with its rich pollen in nature.

Treasure WM 313

Treasure WM 313 is an ice box small size seeded watermelon. Very proli c plants with average 3-4kg fruit size. It has a very dark color rind with attractive red color esh. High eating quality with average sugar content up to 13 brix.

King Sabah WM 121

WM 121, King Sabah. This seeded watermelon has a very distinctive light green color rind with dark green color strips. Proli c plant with average fruit size 10- 12kg per fruit. Very popular among growers in East Malaysia.

Giant Torpedo WM 212

WM 212, Giant Torpedo, this hybrid variety has large long oblong shape, dark green skin with dark strips. Sugar content up to 13 brix, very sweet and cripspy. High disease tolerence and suitable for long distance trans- portation.

Gold Kirin WM 919

Gold Kirin WM919 is a round shape deep yellow flesh watermelon variety. This variety has very rich pollen and is often used as a pollinator to seedless watermelon. Highly resistant to fruit crack and good transportability.

Full Moon WM 268

WM268 Full Moon is a round shape seedless watermelon variety. This variety has remarka- ble performance against disease and weigh around 8kg per fruit. Very good shelf life and suitable for long distance transportation

Black Gem WM 515

WM515 Black Gem is a long oblong shape watermelon with average size about 4-5kg per fruit. The rind is very dark in color and suitable for long distance transportation. Very prolific plant with good fruit setting. Overall growers winner!

Best Asia WM 968

WM 968, Best Asia was a high yielding large oblong seedless has dark green skin with dark strips. Good disease tollerence with average 8-10kgs size. Extra ordinary eating quality with high sugar content up to 13 brix. Suitable for long distance transportation.