Red Titanium TM 2033

Red Titanium TM2033 is a indeterminate tomato with excellent fruit setting ability. The fruit firmness is good and produces an average 200-220gram per fruit. High tolerance against fusarium wilt.

Red Magic TM 2039

Red Magic TM2039 is a superb quality tomato hybrid with short internode compact plant growth characteristic. The fruits are uniform with regular fruit setting and development.

Megatron TM 2066

Megatron TM2066 has a strong growing and compact plant habit. This variety set well in hot conditions with consistent fruit setting ability. High total yield of export quality with average 180-200g size fruit. High tolerance for TYLCV,TSWV,For:0,1-FOR-N.

Hard Rock TM 2088

Hard Rock TM 2088 is a medium size table tomato suitable for truss harvest and loose packing. The fruits are on average 150-180g in size. Fruits are round shape, shinny red with good TYCLV tolerance.

King Granite TM 3069

King Granite TM3069 is a large beef tomato set fruit well with 5-7 uniform cluster under high heat and cold conditions. Average 200-250g with very big size fruits. Excellent shelf life with excellent size. High tolerance against TYLCB,TSWV,For,F;0,1,N.