Miami SCB 1314

SCB 1314, Miami. This variety is a remarkable bicolor sweet corn with extra glossy and high contrast of yellow and white kernels for top fresh market prefrence. It has very high adaptability in tropical and produce very good ear weight around 500 gram per cob. Overall winner in size for bicolor segment.

Sweet Scarlet SCP 1311

Sweet Scarlet SCP1311 is a premium purple sweet corn variety. This variety has outstanding plant vigor and can be grown year round in tropical regions. It has good rooting and resistant to rust. High anthocyanin with best market presentation.

Jumbo King SS 132

Jumbo King SS132 is a well performing tropical sweet corn variety. It has strong plant vigor and strong roots system to prevent from lodging. The ears are big and yellow with good tip fill. High tolerance against Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Super A SS 232

SS 232, Super A has a compact medium plant with excellent dark green color husk protection widely adapted in many professional growers market. Super A produces extra large cobs between 500g with good keeping ability.Overall growers winner!

Rahsia Manis SS 632

Rahsia Manis SS632 is a new vigorous tropical yellow sweet corn variety. The fruits has very little flag leaves design to minimize the damage by corn borer. The variety can be planted in very high density and has good tip filling.

Sugar Gene SS 732

Sugar Gene SS732 is a new vigorous tropical sweet corn with long cobs and broad diameter. The variety has beautiful husk cover and good tip fill. High eating quality with tender pericarps.

Asia Manis SS 932

SS 932, Asia Manis combine high production with an outstanding fruit quality. It is a very vigorous tropical hybrid with strong rooting system, easy to grow and well balanced. Good husk protection and good ear weight particularly recommended for fresh production in all major markets.

Pearl Waxy WX 100

Pearl Waxy WX100 is a quality type white waxy corn. Average weight around 350g per cob, excellent eating quality with super sticky taste. Idea for boiling or roasting

Fancy World WX 200

Fancy World is a white and purple bicolor waxy corn. It produce large cobs with average 400-450g per cob. Good sticky taste with good husk cover protection.