Permata PK 36

PK36 Permata produces a small fruits weight around 1.8kg-2.3kg. The plant has a good tolerance to disease. Quality of the fruit is sweet and nutty. Best market acceptance.

Elsa PK 50

Elsa PK50 has very unique and pleasant fruit fragrance . Fruits weight around 2.5-3.0 kg, Good eating quality and good shelf life.

Borneo Sweet PK 60

PK 60 is an easy setting variety.The plant is very early with good setting giving big size fruits about 3-4kg. High eating quality and high yield.

Magneto PK 66

Magneto PK66 is a medium size pumpkin weight around 3.0-4.0kg.The plant is an easy fruit setting variety with remarkable total yields. Very good eating quality with high sweetness. High tolerance to virus disease.

Gold Hill PK 88

PK 88, Gold Hill is a very strong plant with good disease resistance. The variety is high round in shape and producing an average 3-4kg fruits size. Good market appearance and good keeping ability.

Jumanji PK 90

Jumanji PK90 shows very strong plant vigor and good fruit setting ability. Fruits are more round and blocky in shape with average 4-5 kg per fruit. The flesh is deep yellow in color with excellent taste.

Ferris Wheel PK 96

PK96 is a large size pumpkin with exceptional high eating quality and high yields. The fruit weigh on average 4- 6kg and can be grown in wide range of soil conditions.