Lady Luck OK 113

OK 113, Okra is a new strong growing dark green hybrid specially recommended for most weather conditions. OK 113 produces large, uniform pods with rm and thick wall. The pods are hairless and plants are easy to work in, quite vigorous and set fruits evenly throughout the production period.

Grand Jackpot OK 663

OK 663 Grand Jackpot is a compact plant with very short internodes. Each plant has 4-5productives side shoots which produce shinny and dark green fruit with good keeping ability. Early stage leaves are round and turn small after harvest

Good Hope OK 773

OK 773, Okra is the main standard long pods okra variety in many major markets.Strong growing plant habit with short internodes and high braching suitable for open eld production. High eating quality with endurance fruits setting makes the variety a top variety for professional growers.

Anak Ipoh OK 883

Anak Ipoh OK883 is a medium green variety design for long cropping. It is a vigorous hybrid with medium leaf and high branching best for high density population planting. The medium shinny green variety has good tolerance against insects and diseases.