Golden Sunrise ML 1288

ML 1288, Golden Sunrise is a golden yellow honey dew variety with strong plant habbit. Average fruit size about 2.0-2.3kg with full aroma and juicy taste when mature. Particularly recommended for growers looking for high total yield production!

Golden Sweet Sea ML 1388

ML 1388, Golden Sweet Sea is a round medium size melon for high quality production!
Average size about 1.5kg-1.8kg per fruit with strong fruit setting.
It has very attractive golden yellow skin with red salmon esh color. The Golden Sweet Sea comes with attractive green rind for outstanding market appearence.

Kirin ML 1688

Kirin ML1688 is a big size melon with golden yellow netted skin. Oblong in shape, average fruit weight around 2.2-2.5kg ,salmon color flesh, crispy texture with high sweetness up to 16 brix.

White Kirin ML 1788

White Kirin ML1788 is a milky-white skin melon with full netted skin. Oblong in shape, average fruit weight around 1.5-1.8kg ,salmon color flesh, crispy texture with high sweetness up to 20% brix. The plant adaptability for this variety is very good, with uniform fruit size it is definitely the overall winner for grower and market! This variety can be planted in both protected house and open field. Can be harvested after 70 days.

Romeo RM 216

RM 216, Romeo is a high yield melon suitable for cropping in tunnels and open eld. Average size about 2.0-2.5kg with good netting and rmness. Flesh is salmon colour and have good sweetness up to 14 brix.

Sugar Lady HD 220

Sugar Lady HD220 has excellent size and very high yielding. The high round, big-sized fruits have beautifully smooth cream color skin. The flesh is soft and juicy . Sweetness up to 15 brix. Overall winner for size.

Sweet Dalmatian HD 550

Sweet Dalmatian HD 550 has a very distinctive appearance for best market presentation. This honey dew has main advantage of strong plant vigor and great taste up to 16 brix. Strongly recommend for open field and green house production.

Seoul Sweet HD 660

HD 660, Seoul Sweet is a early hybrid with strong aroma. Weights around 2.2-2.8kg with high sugar content up to14% brix.
At full maturity, the skin color will turn to milky white colour with attractive netting. Suitable for open eld planting.

Golden Loop HD 280

Golden Loop HD 280 is a premium personal size melon bred for growers who need to focus on quality production! It has attractive golden yellow skin with thick white crispy flesh. Golden Loop can achieve high sugar content of more than 16 brix with outstanding taste on open field and tunnel planting.