Premium LT 1

LT 1 Premium is a good heat tolerant lettuce suitable for warm and humid climatic conditions. This lettuce is semi heading and good tolerance to tip burn. Mature in 45 days.

Californla Creen LT 3

An iceberg selection with fast growing plant habit. Wide adaptability in warm and humid climate conditions with strong disease resistant.

Pisa LT 5

Pisa LT5 is a most popular lowland butterhead variety used by proffe- sional growers through out the country.This semi-heading lettuce grows very upright and well lled.Strong against bolting and tip burn.

Chanel LT 7

LT 7, Chanel , Cos Lettuce. This is a most popular cos lettuce variety used by proffesional growers through out the country.This lettuce grows very fast and well lled. Strong against bolting and tip burn.

Red Ribbon LT30

Red Ribbon LT30 is a premium Lollo Rossa variety ideal for hydroponic and soil planting. It is relatively slow bolt and high tolerant to tip burn. Leaves are wine red with relatively dense in the head.

Green Ribbon LT40

Green Ribbon LT40 is a green Lollo Rossa variety ideal for tropical growing conditions. It is good tolerant to tip burn and good eating quality. Leaves are light green with frilled edges for good market presentation.

King Green LT95

King Green LT95 is an iceberg variety with strong tolerance to disease and tip burn. Heads are well filled and firm. Excellent size and reliable variety!

Harmony CT 1

Harmony CT 1 is a very vigorous celtuce variety with cripsy green leaves . Leaves are pointed with very good avor. It has good resistant on pest and diasease. Widey adpatable in various climate conditions.