Purple Treasure EG 1

EG 1 Purple Treasure is a top variety for professional growers. Average fruit length about 35-40cm. Endurance and excellent fruit setting making it especially suitable for intensive cultivation. Purple Treasure is a top producer for high quality long eggplant.

Optimus Prime EG 2

EG2 Optimus Prime has a proli c plant habit and sets fruits regularly throughout the production period.The fruits are 35cm in length with very attrative bright purple for fresh market presenation.

Rasa Yummy EG 7

Rasa Yummy EG7 is a most popular small size variety in many markets. Highly uniform fruit length between 13- 15cm with attractive bright purple and green calyx make it top market presentation. High tolerance to field disease.

Permata Ungu EG 9

Permata Ungu EG9 is an improved green calyx bright purple eggplant variety with strong growing plant habit . The fruits set well throughout the growing period provided with a proper plant and fruit pruning.. The fruits are smooth and shiny with good color retention.

Raja Manggis EG 88

Raja Manggis EG88 is a good hybrid with high disease resistant. The fruits with average weight of 180-200 grams has a relatively high overall production. Suitable for long cropping and is an exciting variety to include in any professional growers programmed.