Cantik DC 171

DC 171, Cantik. This variety has a very strong growing plant habit. It is quite early into production and is well balanced and set fruits easily. DC 171 produce cylindrical long fruits with average 22cm in length.

Black Star DC 272

DC 272, Cucumber. This variety is widely adaptable and popular among growers in many different geographical areas.It has a vigorous and open plant habit and produces relatively short internodes and high numbers of quality fruits.Fruits are very dark green,cylindrical with an average lenght of 20-22cm.
Good shelf life,keeps an attractive shine in storage.

Bintang Asia DC 373

DC 373, Cucumber offers very uniform 20-22cm long fruits. It is deep green in colour with very dark green fruit shoulder.
The plant remains uniform in shape and size throughout the whole production period.

King Susu DC 474

DC474 King Susu is a light green cucumber variety with very vigorous plant habit and decent side shoot formation. Fruits are uniform throughout the whole production period with average 22cm in length.

Small Wonder DC 676

Small Wonder DC676 is a very prolific variety with very high fruit setting. Plants produce fruits in very appealing light green color with very crispy and firm texture. Best recommended for its top eating quality.

Gold Bar OC 575

Gold Bar OC575 is a hybrid old cucumber variety for special market requirement. Mature in brown golden yellow color with average fruit size 800-900g. Highly stable throughout the production period with remarkable high yields.