King Kulai CL 11

King Kulai CL 11 is an improved selection suitable for proffesional growers market. The dark green, long, broad shoulder with slightly wrinkled skin variety has strong plant habit and set fruits easily from hot to cold seasons.

Hot Volcano CL 22

CL22, Chili is a mid-early maturity hybrid with rst harvest around 75 days. Fruit length about 14 cm long. Fruit weight around 26-30g, High tolerant to heat and cold weather conditions.

Super Arrow SP 33

Super Arrow SP33 is a special selection local chili variety. Fruits are small and upright pointed with very high pungency. Suitable for both fresh and processing with good storage ability up to seven days.

Peter Pan SP 55

Peter Pan SP 55 is a very strong variety with erect plant habit. Average fruit length about 6-8cm with high pungency.Fruits are rm, high quality and very uniform thoughout the harvesting period.

Million Dollar SP 66

Million Dollar SP66 is an upright cluster chili with semi-erect plants habit and good foliage disease resistance. The plants produce high firmness fruits with attractive glossy red and high pungency. It is highly uniform in size throughout the entire production period.

Overland CL 44

Overland CL44 is a determinate lowland capsicum. The plants produce blocky fruits with average 150g-200g per fruit. Low pungency and very versatile for various cooking.